She had to hold our dead son in her arms

Paula Paunic – Volunteer – Palliative and Bereavement Program – Pregnancy – Infant Loss

The husband at first was a little bit hesitant to share what he was feeling because he felt his grief wasn’t… He kept downplaying his grief, “My grief isn’t as important as my wife’s. She had to carry our son for 21 weeks and be induced and hold our dead son in her arms. I can’t even compare my grief to hers.” And it’s so important in this organization that we let men know that their grief is just as valuable and just as important and the journey of healing is important.

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One thought on “She had to hold our dead son in her arms”

  1. I recognize soul speaking through you Paula. Thank you for sharing authentically. It inspires me. It helps me remember that we can help each other. I can see you on the healing log in the forest quiet with snow and the vast blue blue sky. may you feel deeply loved

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